So...What is Mezclajeté® Especial?

The short answer - it's MAGIC in a bottle. Squeeze Mezclajeté®onto your favorite "eats" or mix into Mayo, Ketchup, BBQ Sauce, Ranch Dressing or Mustard and excite your taste buds with unique, yet familiar flavor combinations. Mezclajeté® Especial has a mild to medium heat, bursting with flavor so rich it almost defines its own food group.

Unlock the MAGIC and let Mezclajeté® inspire your next meal.

Every great story has to start somewhere… Ours begins where we grew up, in San Diego California, thirty minutes from the Mexican border. Being that close to Mexico, we had the good fortune of living in a city filled with delicious taco shops and authentic Mexican restaurants. Even though Diane and I had not yet met, we both spent our high school Friday nights ordering the same gigantic Carne Asada Burritos and Rolled Tacos with Guacamole from the famous little red and yellow striped building with two drive-thru windows and a line of cars down the street. Our love for this delicious, spicy fare and our appreciation for the unique complexities of different chiles led us to starting our own hot sauce company over 25 years ago.

While creating Mezclajeté® Especial, we drew upon these flavorful influences and our 25 years of experience working with different chiles to create something that would be “Unique yet Familiar” and add a burst of flavor to not only Mexican cuisine but all other foods as well.

It took 18 months of dedicated culinary sorcery but we finally perfected it. We now present to you the results of our labors and passion, Mezclajeté® Especial Salsa Picante.

We hope it brings you as much joy as it does for us.

Eat Well!

Mike & Diane


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